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Refreshing massage

The refreshing massage helps to resolve the tensions and the spasms in the muscles.
These tensions are actually psychological in origin and they can cause recurring or constan
t pain, especially in the spine, shoulders and in the neck. The massage is reducing the fatigue, it has an illness prevention effect and it revitalizes and refreshes the body.


Refreshing foot massage


The treatment improves the circulation and it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire body.  Massaging the corresponding zones causes congestion in the assigned organs which improves metabolism, lymphatic circulation and it activates the body's own healing powers. The foot massage is carried out with hand (without tools). It is good for prevention, refreshing and for regeneration. The refreshing foot massage can be performed only in healthy people. Its purpose is to restore the energy balance of the body which is the main condition of healthy living.

Lava stone massage


It provides tranquillity, complete relaxation and a dream-like state to the guest. The lava stones are moved slowly in circular and wavy way. The heated up stones which are placed on chakras are open the way for the free flow of the life energy. Its purpose is to reduces stress, relieves pain, creates sensation of comfort and warmth stimulates the circulatory system. Improves blood circulation, calms nervous system and promotes deep muscle relaxation and detoxification.


Body shaping massage


During the massage the body part where you like to lose some weight are rubbed by cream with a special technique without tools. The essence of this procedure is the imitation of the vibrating fitness machines with hands.






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